Copper Plating on Premium Box Connections / Threads
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Copper electroplating is a high conductive deposit, matt to semi-bright finish. It is used for anti-galling of threads, including premium threads on pipe couplings.

It is also utilized to increase adhesion properties on sophisticated shaped components requiring gold plating or nickel plating.


  • 6 Feet process Tank, with 1 ton capacity hoist.
  • copper plating on ID and OD threads or areas
  • Selective plating of copper on specified areas, ID or OD.
  • X-Ray Fluorecense and Magnetic Induction coating thickness Measurement capabilities
  • Copper plating on Chrome 13, Chrome 28, Stainless Steel, Steel, and other steel alloys


What Are The Benefits Of Using Copper Plating?

  • Anti-Gauling

Copper can be used as a lubricant on threads, ensuring anti-galling of threads.

  • Good Electrical Conductivity

As an excellent conductor of electricity, copper is used as the standard in the electronics manufacturing industry.

  • Flexibility

Due to its soft properties and the ability to maintain good adhesion, copper is ideal for metal objects that require flexibility in their application

  • Excellent Undercoating

Providing uniform smooth cover over based metals, copper helps to improve the adhesion on all types of plated finishes

  • Corrosion Protection

Being used in electroplating, a thin layer of copper coating another metal material via electrolysis can greatly improve the resistance to corrosion

Industrial Applications

Being a soft metal with high thermal and electrical conductivity, Copper is the material of choice for the electronics and premium thread couplings industries. Furthermore, copper’s comparatively low cost to other metal alternatives such as silver and gold enhances its standing as the most efficient metal for electrical conductivity.

For engineering applications, including contacts, connectors, and threads (anti-gauling).

Copper Plating Specifications

GUERRERO Plating offers the following specifications within our copper plating capabilities:

  • SAE AMS 2412
  • AMS 2418
  • Mil-C-14550
  • Cyanide bath
  • Various customer specifications
  • Copper plating on Aluminum, copper alloys, beryllium copper, brass, nickel alloys, stainless steel alloys, and steel alloys.
  • Rack Plating – For intricate shapes, including molded contacts, connectors, rotatable connectors, ground springs, and selective plating.
  • Barrel Plating – for high volume of contact pins, small contact rings, and various small size parts.
  • Vibratory Plating – For highest quality on contact pins, contact rings, and various small size parts. This method includes best distribution and coverage, including difficult to plate inside wall of small bores.
  • With our rack process line, we are able to process over 10K parts per month. In house X-Ray machine for precise thickness testing

Quality Control

We specialize in providing our customers with thickness specific coatings. We hinge in understanding the engineering behind the coating call out, therefore we ensure our coating deposit is verified and certified to the customer’s requirement. Our inspection process includes an XRF coating thickness analysis (nondestructive), as well as adhesion tests, both compliant to world known specifications, including ASTM, Military, AMS, and ISO.