At GUERRERO, our reputation hinges on developing a long lasting relationship with each of our quality customers and providing exceptional service.

We strive in providing the best solution for the customer’s engineered application, with optimal performance and unwavering results.

Our unmatched quality is a result of our uncompromised equipment and materials, consistent education of our highly trained team, and dedication to a relentless pursuit of excellence.

NIST Treaceable Calibrated Inspection Instruments:

  • Fischer Technology Fishcerscope XDL, XRay Flourescence Instrument
  • Fischer Technology Dualscope FMP20C, Portable Thickness Instrument
  • Fischer Technology PMP10, Portable Thickness Instrument
  • Mitutoyo Calipers
  • Mitutoyo Micrometers
  • Various Standards & Instruments for process control

Quality System: ISO 9001:2015