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Semi-Bright Deposit for Contacts, Connectors, Bus Bars
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Guerrero Plating Technology specializes in producing high quality industrial silver plating. Our product is applied on Seal Rings, Gaskets, Contacts, Connectors, and Bus Bars. Delivering an excellent corrosion and tarnish resistance when used as a coating alongside it’s impressive capabilities in conductivity, silver plating is often used in electrical components. Furthermore, exhibiting good lubricity at very high temperatures, silver is also commonly used in the oil and gas industry on components such as seal rings. Additional benefits of using silver plating also include its comparatively low cost to other precious metals and its ease of manufacturing with capabilities to alloy with other metals.

Industrial Standards of Silver Plating

Our industrial silver plating services currently conform to the following standards:


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Applications For Industrial Silver Plating

Aerospace & Aviation

Seal Rings

Turbine fastener components, airplane electronic components, rotorcraft gears amongst others.


Microwave components

High electrical and heat conductivity makes silver plating ideal for electrical components and connectors

Bearing Surfaces

The excellent lubricity displayed by silver plating results in usage with high load applications

Our rack process line is being set up to process silver plating on thousands of components for wide range of other industries, including oilfield, oil & gas, electronics, medical, air defense, military

Industrial Service Specifications

We specialize in providing our customers with thickness specific coatings. We pride ourselves in understanding the engineering behind the coating call out, therefore we ensure our coating deposit is verified and certified to the customer’s requirements. Our inspection process includes an XRF coating thickness analysis (nondestructive), as well as adhesion tests, both compliant to world known specifications, including ASTM, Military, and AMS, and ISO.