Virtually all industries require electronic components for instruments and testing equipment. Our role is in providing coating services to contacts, connectors, housings, brackets, bus bars, and many more components.

Gold plating is the favored choice when it comes to contacts and connectors of sensitive equipment for high conductivity and erosion resistance.

Electroless nickel is often the preferred choice for components requiring high corrosion and wear resistance.

Copper plating is used for anti-galling when applied to the threads on pipes and other components.

All of our plating processes Рrack, barrel, and vibratory are set up to handle plating services on millions of components per month. This includes: contact pins, contact rings, and various other connectors and components for the computer & electronics industry.

We are conveniently located in Houston, Texas and provide plating services to California, Florida, Illinois, Texas, New York, and all throughout the United States.