gold plating

What Is Gold Plating?

A: Gold plating is the process where we can apply gold to parts and it will improve corrosion resistance. It also improves conductivity on different contacts and makes the parts look very pretty. While gold is known for its luxe factor in jewelry, and other luxury consumer items—it’s also an industrial commodity. It’s quite valuable…

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plating tech

Plating Safety Delivers Superior Results

At Guerrero Plating we are meticulous with every aspect of the work we perform—we have no choice. Our clients depend on us for our unmatched precision and quality with every plating project we execute. Clients rely on precision services due to the detailed nature of their applications in industries such as: Aerospace Most of the…

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Why Is Plating Done?

A: Plating is done to improve corrosion resistance on different metal parts it’s also used to reduce friction on them. It’s used to make them look better. Also, it’s used to improve conductivity and other different things the customer may want. While there’s no such thing as the “Midas Touch”—turning anything you touch into gold—there…

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plating technology

What Are The Benefits Of Plating Technology?

A: Plating technology benefits are improved corrosion resistance as well as increased durability and strength. It makes the parts more appealing to the eye and it also reduces friction. Plating, as covered in our last blog is a process used to envelop the surface of a metal component with a different metal. Metal plating effectively…

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Plating Technology

What Is Plating Technology?

A: Plating technology is the use of processes that use chemicals to put a coating on different types of metal. Coatings such as copper, nickel, gold, silver—and other types of materials. You may not realize it but you come across plating technology every day—some you see, some you don’t see. Everything from plumbing fixtures, to…

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