Rack plating is the most common type of plating methods. Our rack plating process line is designed to handle over 1 million parts per year though custom manufactured fixtures, varying from a single part per fixture to 1,000 parts per fixture.

For rack plating large orders, we design and build custom fixtures to increase efficiency and reduce cost. This is especially beneficial for repeat jobs.

Advantages of Rack Plating

  • Capable of plating any size or shape parts
  • Plating of fragile parts without any damage
  • Little or no surface scratching
  • Low costs of equipment
  • Uniform plating distribution within each piece

Rack Plating vs Barrel Plating

Gold PlatingBoth Rack plating and Barrel Plating have their own sets of advantages in the plating process. In order to choose between them, we must take into account the size, shape and quantity of parts that are needed for a project:

Rack plating is the most suitable choice for complicated and large parts, as compared to barrel plating the complicated parts are much less likely to be damaged in production, contours are uniformly plated and a higher quality finish can be applied.

Therefore, rack plating is ideal for small quantities of parts and situations where parts are very fragile and no damage is essential. Conversely, the barrel plating process is designed for producing a large volume of different sized and shaped parts in a quick and efficient manner.

Rack Plating Capabilities & Applications

Our capability includes special fixtures designed to process highly sensitive products, requiring areas where no fluids are to come in contact due risk of short circuiting, including; rotatable connectors, rotary connectors, wet stab connectors, multi-pin connectors, assembled modular contact rings, and single pin connectors.

Our rack process lines is set up to process over a million components a month, including contact pins, contact rings, and various other components for wide range of industries, including oilfield, oil & gas, electronics, medical, air defense, military, aerospace, etc.